Header-Leak-Detection-and-Location-SystemsLeak Detection & Location Systems

Detecting and locating leaks early can make the difference between a quick cleanup and a disastrous flood. Sabah uses the most advanced sensing technology available to detect leaks and provide the location.

Data centers
Computer rooms
Telecommunication rooms
Equipment rooms
HVAC equipment

Multi-family residential
Commercial office buildings
Archives/record storage
Mechanical/electrical rooms
Building service columns

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Services for Liquid Leak Detection & Location Systems

Sabah provides commercial and industrial Liquid Leak Detection and Location Systems to detect all liquids; water, solvents, and fuels. Applications for hazardous leak detection systems include:


Double containment pipes/tanks
Beneath raised floors
Process tools/wet stations
Drip pans or trays
Sump or low point monitoring
Standby generators
Battery rooms
Berm regions or vaults

Services for Leak Detection & Location Systems

Sabah International offers a comprehensive services program for the complete line of Liquid Leak Detection and Location Systems.  Dedicated to the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction, Sabah International places special emphasis on a complete line of support services for its systems to protect life and property. Whatever the need, the Sabah network of factory trained and certified personnel are ready to assist with design, engineering, installation, compliance testing, service, maintenance, and monitoring.


Project management
Preventive maintenance
Emergency services
Parts inventory
Factory trained & certified personnel
UL listed installation

Cost Efficiency with Comprehensive Project Management

Every Sabah protection system is computer checked, verified, and managed by experienced technicians to assure the customer’s facilities receive the proper protection against fire, liquid leaks, disastrous explosions, and security breaches.

Additionally, Sabah offers comprehensive consulting services and project management for an extensive line of protection systems. From initial cost estimating, permitting and documentation, to programming and parts inventory, Sabah International maximizes cost efficiencies and takes pride in providing the industry’s best support services.